ParallelFox 1.3 Released

The last release of ParallelFox was over 8 years ago in January 2012.  Also, 3 years have somehow elapsed since CodePlex was shut down and VFPX moved to GitHub. Time most definitely flies!  I have been using Doug Hennig’s Project Explorer on some projects. I decided to implement it with my VFPX projects, as well as do some housekeeping on GitHub. In the process, I noticed there were several tweaks/fixes (things checked in years ago on CodePlex) that never made their way into an official release.  So, I packaged those changes up into a new release: ParallelFox 1.3.

POTENTIAL BREAKING CHANGE: This release includes and requires ParallelFox.exe version 2.0 dated March 5, 2012. If you are using a previous version, this version needs to be installed and registered. This release is otherwise backwards compatible with previous versions, and it should not require changes in your code.

NOTE: If you previously cloned/downloaded the GitHub repository, you already have the changes in this release, including the latest ParallelFox.exe.